We make sash windows.
Traditional timber, double glazed, no draught, in your original restored frames.

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The Sash

New, traditional timber, double glazed, fitted into your original frames restored to new, using lead counter balance weights and new pulleys with waxed cotton sash cord.

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Our Renovation:     what we do!

We carefully machine away strategic parts of your existing frame in situ. We then insert and install our own manufactured timber components within your existing window frame, made from a mixture of hardwood and Accoya rot resistant timber. Next new rot resistant timber double glazed sashes, are hung by cord over premium metal wheel pulleys, with Lead counter balance weights. On completion the window will simply look traditional and immaculate.

Unlike frame restoration which relies on a patchwork of original timber and resin joined new timber, filler and paint, we have created a design which protects from the external masonry right through to the internal decoration. The finished window insert is indistinguishable from the original frame, and has been accepted by Conservation.

From our many years invested in design and development we have decided that the only solution is to protect all aspects of the original frame, and offer precision through new timber to ensure draught proofing and smooth sliding action.

the complete job in one

  • Rot resistant Accoya wood rated for 60 years
  • Micro-porous paint maintenance free for up to 10 years
  • Double glazing, insulating to current building standards
  • Draught proofed
  • Installation protecting all areas of the existing frame

Accoya® wood is the result of over 80 years research and development. Combining the proven modification technique of acetylation with cuttingedge proprietary technology, this high performance wood is created for demanding outdoor applications; from windows to doors, decking to cladding, bridges to boats. Wood for Accoya® is sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured using a non-toxic process. However, its properties exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods and it can handle the most demanding jobs - even those that are presently only considered feasible with nonsustainable materials.

Accoya® is a highly proven product with testing from many different perspectives on a worldwide basis. Many tests have been conducted in real-world conditions over many years. This summary shows some of these results. Full reports of these and similar tests are available upon request. Many are already posted in the downloads section on accoya.com.

Experienced in industrial paint applications we provide a 3 coat, spray applied, weather proof system. No maintenance for up to 10 years. All paint is low in volatile organic compounds(VOCs), water based, and most importantly micro-porous. Micro-porous paints allow moisture back out of the wood. Our cutting edge design removes wood to wood contact transferring it to low friction draught seals and minimising paint wear in the sliding action.

Our selected range of seals have been constructed to maintain maximum performance in application over the lifetime of your window. The range, extruded using a range of high performance Thermo Plastic Elastomers, exhibit a range of performance characteristics, these include high compression and deflection recovery properties ensuring longevity and durability in your windows.

All seals comply with the requirements given in BS644 for timber windows and achieve a severe weather rating of Class 4 when tested in accordance with the requirements in BS6375. F, W and R weatherseals are tested to BS7412 exceeding the dynamic standard for opening areas.

We use modern hard wearing seals that are hidden from view. These aid the sliding action through their low coefficient of friction. Brush pile is an inferior, old technology that is almost always visible on parting and staff beads, and which hampers the smooth operation of your sliding sashes when changing the direction of travel making for a sticking window.

Many sills suffer from rot and are the weakest point of the frame of a sash window. Regardless of it’s condition, we provide your windows with the protection of Accoya timber so that you have piece of mind for the future of your complete sash window.

With two sheets of glass the sash windows are approximately twice as heavy as a single glazed sash. Lead is an economically viable metal approaching twice the density of cast iron and can therefore perform its function in the same sized weight boxes.