We make sash windows.
Traditional timber, double glazed, no draught, in your original restored frames.

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“…Thanks for the lovely sash windows – your lads were absolutely great and we’re so pleased. All my neighbours keep texting to say how beautiful they are. Also can’t believe how warm the house is now!”

Mina and Ali – High Wycombe

“…Fabulous job. The recent strong winds and cold days have provided us with the ideal testing regime and the windows pass with flying colours. We feel over-heated in the house now!”

Michael Jones – Maidenhead

“…Our room has never been warmer or quieter! Superb product, and extremely well made.”

Mr Blair - Twyford

“…The windows in our room have made a huge difference to the sound and also drafts :)”

Nikki Sale - Windsor

It’s been lovely doing business with you, you really are a rare find and I will continue to always recommend you in the future.

Kelly Moss - Maidenhead

“…Of the quotations for refurbs, yours was the best by quite a bit. We had other quotes for refurbs for higher amounts using inferior wood.”

Chris Munn - Maidenhead

“….We are absolutely delighted with our new windows. I’m so pleased we decided to go with Save the Sash. They are beyond my expectations. The windows are fantastic quality and i’m so impressed with how they work within the original frames. The house is noticeably quieter and warmer already. Money well spent and the team  were a delight to work with!…”

“…Just a quick note to say how impressed we have been with your services. The window you have installed is clearly a proper piece of skilled craftsmanship. You worked cleanly and quickly. Both you and your colleagues have been polite and passionate about what you do. I’ve already recommended you to a family member, who asked for your details after hearing about how you work.”

Phil Tennant - Marlow

“…In short, I think the windows look fantastic. I noticed you had gone way above and beyond on the sanding and painting for which I am hugely grateful. I am already feeling the warmth and noise related benefits of the windows!”

Peter Butler – Sydenham

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Price My Sash

Welcome in

First, we welcome a call to discuss your windows07973 400 971

As with all our customers near and far we welcome a conversation about your home improvement, where we will be able to give you an estimate over the phone. We deal with renovations all day long from Georgian windows through to modern spring balance windows and we will guarantee your purchase order to be within £100 pounds of our estimate for each window.

Don’t pay for other people’s surveys Unfortunately, some people don’t even confirm receipt of a survey, don’t let this add to your bill.

Having made our guarantee; To proceed: we welcome a visit to our workshop or take an instruction deposit over the phone by card and book you in for a survey whereby we visit and supply you with your purchase order.

We price your project to the millimeter so that you only pay for the materials that we use to make your window.

If for whatever reason we realize unforeseen circumstances in our survey that require additional work and costs beyond our estimate we will give you the choice to proceed or to have your deposit returned in full

Here is our introduction of services

Full replacement windows

A full replacement product for only one window can be as low as £1950+vat. (each)


Maximum value for money

99% of our business is to replace the two sliding sashes with new timber double glazed sashes to match your existing.

This is an industry standard practice and something that we compete on price and quote match all the time. That said our windows are often warmer, certainly made from the most durable timber and best paint system available, and will always be better draught proofed and slide more smoothly thanks to our design.

They will slide within the original box sash frame which we can renovate or insert our premium draught proofing and renovation design, leaving you with a perfect finish and the smoothest sliding action, whilst retaining all of the traditional integrity of the original box sash frame.

By renovating in this way you will realize maximum value for money, less dust and no damage to plasterwork or the need for wall painting and decoration. Your blinds and soft furnishings will fit exactly as before.


These estimates are:

  1. Double glazing upgrade. £1550 incl vat and fitting New, timber sliding sashes, draught-proofed within existing box sash frame with no paintwork:
  2. Premium draught-proofing installation & renovation with double glazing upgrade. £1750 incl vat and fitting.

Complete protection to your external frame incl new rot resistant sill & hardwood timbers to protect your original box sash frame like new.

New premium metal wheel pulleys for the smoothest of sliding actions,

New timber sliding sashes as above within the finished existing box sash frame.

All works Conservation approved.

The tradition of the original with the smooth sliding action and air tightness and warmth of a new window

Huge saving on full replacement windows.

If your windows are relatively large (average windows @ 800 x 1650 with single glazing bar both top and lower sash) then your quote will fall just north of these estimates,

If small or with no glazing bars or you have a number of windows to renovate and the price will fall south.

The main increase in cost comes from the skillful and careful craftsmanship in producing the glazing bars for a more ‘divided up’ sash

We will price each detail of your project to the millimeter so that you only pay for the materials that we use to make your window.


Please let me know your thoughts.

Service work throughout the borough regularly demonstrates to us that our windows are of the highest quality. And our draught proofing is unrivaled by design.

We guarantee to be within £100 pounds of our estimates for each window. If these figures match your budget then please call to place your order and arrange for me to make a survey.

We also welcome a visit to our workshop in Littlewick green, Maidenhead to show off our craftsmanship and quality, rot resistant timbers and materials, high specification glazing and the paint systems that go into making our windows the most durable conservation approved windows on the market.

We will take a small deposit by card of £250 over the phone which gives you full purchase protection from your card provider for the whole project however large.

Complete piece of mind throughout your relationship with us.

Call now to place your order – 07973 400 971 and join so many other residents in the South East in warming their homes and saving their sashes the right way

Click here and we’ll contact you with a free telephone estimate