We make sash windows.
Traditional timber, double glazed, no draught, in your original restored frames.

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The Company

“If you bought your home for its beautiful character… Want to enjoy warmer, cosier evenings in… Save on heating bills and do your bit for the planet… We can save your sash.

beautiful sash windows

Save the Sash Ltd. is an innovative company created to do just that. From our workshop facility in Maidenhead we specialise in traditional timber, double glazed sashes fitted to your original restored frame in the most cost effective way possible.

As a manufacturer of sash windows for over 9 years Michael Joyce incorporated Save the Sash Ltd in January of 2014 and the company is expanding quickly within the sash window market place.

For those who require Full replacement or New windows for extensions and building projects, we also manufacture both traditional weight & pulley sashes, and Modern hidden counter balance Sash windows. All made to our exacting standards and achieving a traditional aesthetic accepted by Conservation departments on numerous occasions……and with double glazing!

With our own restoration design, we provide the most premium restoration product on the market, whilst remaining one of the most competitively priced companies. We are enabling more home owners than ever before to invest in the character of their homes and achieve the following objectives.

  • Save money on your heating bills
  • Warmer, quieter, cosier homes
  • An investment in property value
  • Provide the greenest solution, for improving sash windows
  • No building alteration and minimal disruption
  • No addition to UPVC in the world
  • Extend the life of your whole window for up to 60 years
  • Save your Sash

We want to provide the latest and best solution for your original Sash Windows.